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A new Revolutionary Communist International is coming


Join us as we launch the Revolutionary Communist International – a new world party of revolution!

The founding conference will also include a variety of talks and discussions on Marxist theory. The agenda is detailed below.

  • Dialectics: The algebra of revolution
  • Building the revolutionary party


Join us for six days of revolutionary theory, talks, and discussions as we launch the Revolutionary Communist International.

Participation is free. By joining, you gain access to all online sessions and receive an invitation to local watch parties in your country.


Unlike the defenders of capitalism, we don’t have billionaire backers. We have to rely on the donations of thousands of workers and youth who agree that the only way out of this decrepit system is through communist revolution.

If that is you, then give what you can to the party of the future – the Revolutionary Communist International!

“Without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.”
VI. Lenin

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