Lenin & Trotsky

What they really stood for

Lenin and Trotsky were the undeniable leaders of the Russian Revolution of 1917. These two great Bolsheviks played a central role in providing the Russian masses with the perspective and tactics they needed to take power. Despite this, a baseless myth is still propagated today, that Lenin and Trotsky fundamentally opposed each other, both politically and personally. This talk will bring out the truth of the connection between Lenin and Trotsky, showing that on all fundamental points and at all crucial moments, these two great revolutionaries were united.

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Lenin’s last struggle – Alan Woods

In memory of Leon Trotsky – Alan Woods


In Defence of Lenin – Alan Woods & Rob Sewell

My Life –  Leon Trotsky

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Lenin and Trotsky: What They Really Stood For – Ted Grant & Alan Woods

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In defence of Lenin – Rob Sewell

Lies about Lenin: DEBUNKED

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