War and revolution

A Leninist approach

It can be easy to look at the world, with the growing list of wars and throw your hands up in despair. What is it, though, that actually causes wars? And how can we build a world without them? This talk will explain Lenin’s approach to war and show how it applies to today.


Reading list


War and Revolution – Lenin

War, peace and class struggle: Marxism vs. pacifism –  Ben Gliniecki

The Draft Resolution of the Left Wing at Zimmerwald – Lenin


The First World War: A Marxist Analysis of the Great Slaughter – Alan Woods

Socialism and war: The Attitude of the Russian Social-Democratic Labour Party Towards the War – Lenin

‘Part five: the war years’ in Bolshevism – Alan Woods

Chapters 15-16 in In defence of Lenin – Rob Sewell & Alan Woods


Profits vs. peace: War and imperialism – Josh Holroyd

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