The necessity of a revolutionary philosophy

Dialectical Materialism

Lenin once said that “without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement”. In order to make the struggle for communism successful, it must be guided by correct ideas. This talk will show the reactionary nature of all manner of reactionary theories such as postmodernism, which are pushed to young people in revolutionary clothing. It is only the philosophy of Marxism – dialectical materialism – that can guide the work of revolutionaries to success.


Reading list


On the Significance of Militant Materialism –  Lenin

In Defence of Materialism – Alan Woods


Materialism and Empirio-criticism – Lenin

Anti-Duhring [Part one] – Engels

The Revolutionary Philosophy of Marxism (selected writings)


Idealism vs materialism: mind and matter – Ben Curry

Marxism vs postmodernism – Hamid Alizadeh

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