In order to change the world, we need to have a correct, objective understanding of it. The best way to do this is to have a method that allows you to analyse reality and there is none better than that of the method of Marxism: Dialectical materialism. In this talk, Alan Woods will introduce this philosophy, explaining how it is a product of the whole history of human thought. This talk will be followed by a financial collection to raise important funds to build the forces of communism internationally.

Reading list


What is Dialectical Materialism? In What is Marxism? – Rob Sewell

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ABC of Materialist Dialectics – Leon Trotsky

In Defence of Hegel – Hamid Alizadeh


Ludwig Feuerbach and the end of Classical German Philosophy – Friedrich Engels

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Reason in Revolt – Alan Woods & Ted Grant

Dialectics of Nature – Friedrich Engels

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The History of Philosophy – Alan Woods

Dialectics: From Hegel to Marx – Hamid Alizadeh

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