The Russian Revolution

The greatest event in human history

In 1917, the working class in Russia did something that had never been done before. For the first time, capitalism was overthrown and the working class came to power and held on to it, under the leadership of the Bolshevik Party. This monumental event sent shockwaves around the world, igniting the hopes and aspirations of millions of the downtrodden and oppressed. This talk will describe and defend the Russian Revolution, emphasising the wealth of lessons that communists today can draw from it.


Reading list


The Russian Revolution: The Meaning of October –  Alan Woods

What the Russian Revolution achieved and why it degenerated – Alan Woods

In Defence of October – Leon Trotsky


Ten Days that shook the world – John Reed

The History of the Russian Revolution to Brest-Litovsk –  Leon Trotsky

History of the Russian Revolution – Leon Trotsky


The Russian Revolution: the greatest event in history – Alan Woods

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