What is behind ‘right populism’ and how do we fight it?

What is behind the rise of right-wing figures such as Trump, Le Pen and Meloni? The liberal media bemoans the death of democracy and heaps the blame on ‘ignorant’ voters. The task of the communists, however, is not to cry, but to understand. This talk will explain the deep polarisation that is sweeping the world in this period of capitalist crisis, and show that the rise of the right is due to the complete lack of any alternative offered by the supposed ‘Lefts’. It is a radical and revolutionary programme that can defeat these figures. 


Reading list


The meaning of Donald trump – Alan Woods

Italian elections: why did the right wing win, and what does it prepare? – Fred Weston

What is Fascism? And is it an imminent threat today? – Rob Sewell

Fascism in America? Fight Racism with Socialism! – John Peterson


Fascism: What it is and how to fight it – Leon Trotsky


Fascism: what is is and how to fight it – Niklas Albin Svensson

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