World revolution or socialism in one country?

After Lenin’s death, when it became clear that the Soviet Union was isolated in a sea of capitalism internationally, the Stalinist bureaucracy latched onto the so-called theory of socialism in one country. This nationalist, counter-revolutionary idea was completely at odds with the perspective of Marx, Engels and Lenin, that the revolution would need to spread to at least all the major economies for it to be successful. This talk will demonstrate the reactionary conclusions of socialism in one country, exposing it as an aberration of Marxist theory that should play no role in the class struggle today.


Reading list


Stalinism and Bolshevism –  Leon Trotsky

Lenin and Internationalism –  Rob Sewell

Socialism in a separate country? In History of the Russian Revolution – Leon Trotsky


In Defence of Lenin – Alan Woods & Rob Sewell

Lenin and Trotsky: What They Really Stood For – Ted Grant & Alan Woods

The Revolution Betrayed – Leon Trotsky

Permanent Revolution & Results and Prospects – Leon Trotsky

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