What is Capitalism?

Introduction to Marxist economics

Introduction to Marxist economics

There is a growing hostility to the status quo and therefore to capitalism that is developing amongst a layer of society. However, what actually is capitalism? This talk will uncover the hidden workings of the capitalist system, which was best explained by Karl Marx. In doing so, it will set out exactly how it works, and how it can be overthrown.


Reading list


What is Marxist economics? In What is Marxism? –  Rob Sewell

In defence of Marx’s labour theory of value –  Rob Sewell

Will there be a slump? – Ted Grant

The capitalist curve of development –  Leon Trotsky

Marxism vs libertarianism –  Adam Booth


Understanding Marx’s Capital: A reader’s guide – Adam Booth and Rob Sewell

Wage Labour and Capital – Marx

Value Price and Profit – Marx


Crisis and capital: Why Marx was right – Adam Booth

The origins of Marxist economics – Ben Gliniecki 

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