The struggle against oppression

Working class unity or identity politics?

Identity politics is a pervasive approach on the left, which seeks to divide people according to their race, gender, sexuality etc. Communists, in contrast, fight for the maximum unity of the working class in their united struggle against oppression. This talk will explain how communists seek to end oppression once and for all by abolishing class society, in contrast to the impotent and divisive methods of identity politics.


Reading list


Lenin, communism and the emancipation of women – Marie Frederiksen

Marxism vs Identity politics

Bolshevik decriminalisation of homosexuality – intentional or oversight? – Fred Weston

Marxism vs. Queer theory –  Yola Kipcak


The Origin of the Family, Private Property and the State – Friedrich Engels

Women, family, and the Russian Revolution – John Peter Roberts & Fred Weston


Identity politics: capitalism’s weapon of division – Daniel Morley

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