How the Communist International was built

The Communist International was founded by Lenin and Trotsky as a tool of world revolution. Bringing together communist parties across the globe, it was a way to sharpen the theoretical and practical abilities of communists internationally. This talk will trace the origins and early years of the Communist International, showing the need for us to build a similar organisation in the world today. The parties that made up the Communist International had varied origins, with some growing from small propaganda organisations and others being splits from the major reformist parties. If we are to create new mass revolutionary communist parties, we should study how they were formed in the past.


Reading list


100 years on: the founding of the Communist International – Rob Sewell

The rise of the Comintern and the role of Leon Trotsky – Fred Weston


The First Five Years of the Communist International –  Leon Trotsky


The rise and fall of the Comintern –  Marie Frederiksen

From Marx to Trotsky: the history of the communist international – Fiona Lali

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